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Winter with the Orchestra

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“Winter with the Orchestra” is a cycle of music workshops organised jointly by the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra and by Elementary School No. 255 in Warsaw.

In the course of five days (29.01-02.02), students from twelve Grade 3 and Grade 4 classes will take part in a number of music, movement and arts activities. Students will learn to conduct an ensemble, create musical instruments and sing new songs. Furthermore, each group will record a short fragment of music and all fragments will be combined and edited into a single work that will become a souvenir and summary of the workshop participants’ achievements.

Workshop programmes have been developed by Marta Trzcionkowska and Grzegorz Hardej. The workshops themselves will be run by Marta Trzcionkowska, Grzegorz Hardej, Joanna Maksymiuk and Anna Suska.