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Sinfonia Varsovia – the grand renewal project / press conference

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A press conference was held on Wednesday, 4 March at the City Office of the Capital City of Warsaw at 3/5 Bankowy Square to discuss the project for a concert hall and architectural development of the property at 272 Grochowska Street for the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra.

The conference was attended by:
Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz President of the Capital City of Warsaw
Michał Olszewski Deputy President of the Capital City of Warsaw
Jarosław Jóźwiak Deputy President of the Capital City of Warsaw
Tomasz Thun - Janowski Director of the Office of Culture
Janusz Marynowski Director of the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra
Thomas Pucher  architect, Thomas Pucher Atelier

Sinfonia Varsovia – a grand renewal project begins

Construction of the Sinfonia Varsovia European Music Centre is part of a process of renewal of historical buildings and structures. Considering the scale of the project and its importance for the development of the right-bank part of Warsaw, it was placed on the list of priorities of the renewal programme.

The Praga district is a place of world-class historic and cultural merit. It has been undergoing a process of change for the past few years. The city’s cultural investment projects, including the construction of Warsaw’s Praga Museum and renewal of the Powszechny Theatre have had an impact on this change. The city now faces its next project – modernisation of the historical buildings at 272 Grochowska Street for the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra and the construction of the Sinfonia Varsovia European Music Centre.

The City will earmark funds in its Long-Term Financial Forecast for the “Modernisation of historical buildings and construction of a concert hall at Grochowska Street for the needs of the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra”. The total amount designated for this project is PLN 279 700 000.

"The construction of the Sinfonia Varsovia European Music Centre is part of the renewal programme until the year 2022. It is a process encompassing a number of actions for which the City will designate an amount of more than one billion złotys. Considering the current state of the historical buildings on the Orchestra’s property, we have deemed it a priority to perform an in-depth, comprehensive renewal of their most deteriorated parts" – said President of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz–Waltz. "We hope to finance this project partially from European funds, as its delivery guarantees better availability of cultural and cultural heritage infrastructure."

Project History
In 2009, the Capital City of Warsaw purchased the property at 272 Grochowska Street. The main objective of this action was to provide an area for the construction of a concert hall and a home for a local authority-governed cultural institution.

In 2010 an architectural competition was held for the “Design of a concert hall and Architectural Development of the Property at 272 Grochowska Street in Warsaw”. Two years later President Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz signed a letter of intent with the winner of the competition, Thomas Pucher. In the letter, the city declared support for the delivery of the project under favourable economic circumstances.

Sinfonia Varsovia European Music Centre
Focused around the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, the Grochowska location will become the new cultural centre for Warsaw. Not only will it be an attractive venue to present classical music and other art forms (theatre, film, painting, photography, sculpture), it will also be a leisure facility (multi-media library, cafés, restaurants etc.). The Orchestra’s headquarters will become an important centre for discussion of major cultural events. Thomas Pucher’s winning entry will be one of the many other changes occurring on the city’s right bank. It will become one of the most interesting locations in the City’s cultural landscape.

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