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Sinfonia Varsovia Presents First Recordings of Discovered Ballet Manuscripts!

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Unexpectedly discovered manuscripts. Two first recordings. A mysterious composer. And last but not least, Sinfonia Varsovia and a young, award-winning conductor – Sebastian Perłowski. These recordings will certainly not be forgotten!

Warner Classics presents two related albums containing complete recordings of ballets by Feliks Nowowiejski – a Polish composer, today known mainly as the author of “Rota” [Oath], but highly popular in his day, on par with Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss and Anton Bruckner. Both albums: Sinfonia Varsovia | Feliks Nowowiejski: King of the Winds Op. 37 (0190295657901) and Sinfonia Varsovia | Feliks Nowowiejski: Folk Paintings Op. 18 (0190295657895) will be released on 25 May 2018.

Studio performances by the exuberant Sinfonia Varsovia accompanied by the Polish Radio Choir under the direction of Sebastian Perłowski are first recordings of complete ballets by Feliks Nowowiejski: “King of the Winds” Op. 37 and “Folk Paintings” Op. 18. The collection was recorded by the Orchestra for the culmination of the celebration of the composer’s anniversary year.

Feliks Nowowiejski, composer and organ virtuoso (born in 1877 in Wartembork), studied in Berlin with Max Bruch. He moved to Poland after World War I, becoming one of the most prominent personalities on the Polish music scene. Unfortunately, many of his works were destroyed in the tumultuous history of the 20th century and after his death in 1946, the composer was nearly completely forgotten. Until recently, leading researchers of the composer’s output believed the ballet scores in their complete form were lost forever! New life was breathed into them in 2014, however and a scrupulous reconstruction and edition of the works was made with support from the composer’s son, Jan Nowowiejski, who died shortly after the recordings were completed.

The release of these two albums is a significant event in this exciting artistic journey, because it shows the musical world works that were emblematic to Nowowiejski’s style. In this light, the composer is seen to be one of the most undeservedly forgotten artists from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowowiejski’s sound is rich and highly colourful, displaying excellent orchestration and melodic invention. The composer studied in Germany, but his works are imbued with elements of Polish cultural tradition, resulting in a fascinating, highly emotional mixture of universal significance.