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Sinfonia Varsovia in Japan

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La Folle Journée 2018
3–5 May 2018

Once again, Sinfonia Varsovia played in the Japanese edition of La Folle Journée – the largest international classical music festival. This year, the Orchestra played no less than nine times, performing in several districts of Tokyo, including Ginza and Ikebukuro.

After the winter edition of La Folle Journée in France, the time came for the spring edition in Japan. This year, the Festival’s leading theme is “Towards a New World” (“Vers un Monde nouveau”), so the programme of the Festival is filled with emigrant composers, who have left their homeland for political or personal reasons. Distant migrations were connected with acquaintance with new cultures, resulting in new sources of creatively transformed inspiration. This is stressed by René Martin, the  founder of the Festival: “Opening up to the world let many composers treat forced exile from their homeland as an opportunity to become familiar with new cultures – something that has had a profound effect on their music.”

In early May Sinfonia Varsovia appeared in the Tokyo Metropolian Theatre, and in the much larger Tokyo International Forum. The ensemble was conducted by Lio Kuokman, accompanied by wonderful soloists: pianist Lukas Geniušas, 2nd prize winner in the Chopin Competition in 2010 and multiple award-winning Moldavian violinist Alexandra Conunova. Programmes of Sinfonia Varsovia’s concerts included works by Fryderyk Chopin, who left Poland to settle in Paris, as well as compositions of Bela Bartók and Arnold Schoenberg, both of whom have found new homes in the United States.

Organised by Sinfonia Varsovia, the Polish edition of the Festival will take place on 28–30 September 2018. La Folle Journée is an event that attracts multitudes of listeners with a passion for classical music, but also those who listen to classical music only occasionally. The Festival has become extremely popular thanks to an extensive, highly varied repertoire, performances by excellent musicians and attractive ticket prices.