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Presentation of the album 39’45 vol. 2

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On the 5th September at 6:00pm we invite to take part in a discussion panel on the subject of "Polish music during the time of occupation" and the presentation of the newe album  39’45 vol. 2 recorded by Sinfonia Varsovia under Renato Rivolta (Warner Classics).

The 39'45 vol. 2 album release, presents music works composed during the Second World War in occupied Warsaw played by the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra under the baton of Italian conductor, maestro Renato Rivolta. The album consists of works by Grażyna Bacewicz, Tadeusz Zygfryd Kassern, Stefan Kisielewski and the world phonographic premiere of the orchestral work: Pieta. On the smouldering ruins of Warsaw by Ludomir Różycki.

39'45 vol. 2 is the second in a planned series of albums devoted to music composed during the time of occupation and visibly marked by war. This album presents a choice of works composed by Polish composers in the 20th century, who personally experienced war and whose life and career trajectory was affected by war. We often forget that the generation that formed the backbone of Polish music scene, actually not so long ago, took its first steps in composing in a completely different world than the one we know them from. Have we ever wondered how the reality of war influenced the youthful musical sensitivity of famous “Wprost” publicist “Kisiel” if we only knew him from his ironic writings? Were the falling bombs and the ubiquitous suffering of the war the only things that contemporary artists had on mind that time ?

The second album in the 39'45 series consists of works that come from common space and the same time but presents different ways of thinking about music. We find the reflective and pious sounds of Pieta. On the smouldering ruins of Warsaw by Ludomir Różycki but there is also a piece of the opposite nature - the energetic ragtime from the finale of the Concert for Chamber Orchestra by Stefan Kisielewski. Overture by Grażyna Bacewicz also has an exuberant nature, manifesting a composer's desire to free the mind from the bitter reality of life during the time of occupation. The album is complemented by the Concert for string orchestra by Tadeusz Zygfryd Kassern, a composer, a diplomat and a legal advisor who was born in Lviv and died in New York, in 1957.

Listening to the music that mirrors such a variety of moods and emotions, gives us a unique insight and helps us understand the sensitivity of young composers, who, despite living in such a difficult time, were hopeful about the future and truly believed that eventually, it would let their music return to the concert halls.

The meeting will be led by Beata Stylińska from Polish Radio Dwójka

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