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La Folle Journée de Nantes

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La Folle Journée – the largest festival in the world to popularise classical music begins in France. This year, the festival is ruled by the rhythm of dance.

The French edition of the Festival has traditionally always begun in smaller cities around the Pays de la Loire (27-29.01.2017), while the main part takes place in Nantes (1-5.02.2017).

The theme of La Folle Journée this year is “Le rythme des peuples”, that is, the rhythm of the peoples, or, more simply put, dance. As the Festival’s Artistic Director said some months ago in Warsaw: “It is not about dancing done by dancers. (…) in the history of classical music, dance, and folk dance in particular have always played a very important role. Listening carefully to famous concertos and symphonies, we will always find some forms of dance. Folk tradition had an enormous impact on the output of all composers.”

During its 10-day visit to France, Sinfonia Varsovia will play 21 concerts – 9 in the Region and 12 in the city of Nantes itself. It will share the stage with, among others, Augustin Dumay (violin, conductor), Robert Trevino (conductor), Michel Corboz (conductor), Grzegorz Nowak (conductor), Eitetsu Hayashi (taiko) and also with the Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne and Trio Wanderer. It will begin its cycle of concerts with Alena Baeva – excellent violinist and winner of the 12th Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition.

La Folle Journée de Nantes “Le rythme de peuples” is the 23rd edition of the Festival in France. In May, La Folle Journée moves to several cities in Japan and then, in September, to Russia. As each year, the finale will take place in Warsaw at the turn of September and October.


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