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Exhibition “Memory Preserved”

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Exhibition: “Memory Preserved”
20.06.2015 17:00 – 22:00
Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, 272 Grochowska Street, Warsaw

Please join us for a walk around old Warsaw, in the historical interiors of the Stables in the home of the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra. This extraordinary event will take you to places that have changed, and to those which do not exist.

Photographs in bottles are from the collection of the Spoken History Archive – the History Meeting House / KARTA Centre and were taken between 1910 and 1947.

What is the “Memory Preserved” installation?
It is an attempt to turn the viewer’s attention to their own history. The photographs I choose for the exhibition are universal. In each bottle it is easy to find an analogy to one’s own history.

“Memory Preserved” provides evidence of sorts how important it is for man to sustain his own life. In the internet age we are flooded with an infinite number of images which prove that regardless of age, origin, education or sex, man desires to document their existence and to look for proof of their own immortality.

The method of presentation of historical photographs in a back-lit bottle filled with chemical solution gives a peculiar impression of movement. It adds a third dimension and dynamics, while the vessel becomes a lens which distorts the image within. Suspended in darkness, the installation is intended to carry the viewer away to a different, fairy-tale world.

The music, written by Marek Papaj, provides a background to complement the images. The Music created by the composer will fill the space between the visual impressions with sound, complementing the photographs and reinforcing the unusual quality and magical charm of “Memory Preserved”.

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Organised by
Fotograficznie Kasia Wrońska
Marek Papaj – Slav Music
Archiwum Historii Mówionej - Dom Spotkań z Historią/Ośrodek KARTA

Sponsor of the installation
Centre of Culture in Legionowo