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Dance Parties at Grochowska Street

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The Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra invites the capital’s residents to a dance party. There will be an opportunity to spend four Saturday afternoons and evenings dancing the tango, swing, mazurkas and traditional music of Warsaw. Each meeting will be preceded by a short workshop.

The cycle of four dance parties begins on 23 July. Each meeting will take place on an especially prepared open-air dance floor in the pleasantly verdant surroundings of Sinfonia Varsovia’s home. The first dance is the tango: participants will dance to the accompaniment of the SawarS Tango Orquesta featuring Anna Wandtke (violin), Hadrian Tabęcki (piano), Grzegorz Bożewicz (bandoneon), Piotr Malicki (guitar) and Sebastian Wypych (double bass). The secrets of this dance will be shared by a pair of masters of the tango – Anna Iberszer and Piotr Woźniak. The programme of the event will consist of compositions from Poland and Argentina. This will also be an occasion to hear some of the most beautiful melodies by Wars, Szpilman and Petersburski (including, among others, “Ta ostatnia niedziela” [This Last Sunday]), as well as works by masters of the genre – Piazzolla and Rodriguez.

One week later, on 30 July, we will be taken back to the golden age of swing by instructors from the SWINGOUT.PL dance studio, who specialise in swing from the 1930’s – Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Balboa and the blues. Music will be provided by the Wisła Hot 4/5/6 ensemble, featuring Grzegorz Grzyb (percussion), Bartek Smoragiewicz (clarinet/ saxophone), Mark Shepherd (trumpet/ vocal), Tadeusz Czechak (banjo) and Bartek Łazarski (double bass).

On the first Saturday of August our dance party guests will hear the traditional music of Warsaw. This third meeting will differ somewhat from those before it – instead of a dance workshop, the hosts will invite everyone to sing along, with the CzessBand ensemble – a Warsaw-based group playing urban folk-inspired acoustic music from around the world teaching us some of the most popular street songs of Warsaw. After the workshop the ensemble will, of course, play dance music.

Mazurkas are the last type of dance to be heard on the Grochowska open-air dance floor. On 13 August the Tęgie Chłopy [Brawny Guys] ensemble will take the guests into a true world of folk. The ensemble draws its inspiration from the music of the Kieleczczyzna region, focusing on simplicity of form, liveliness and “danceability”. As the musicians themselves say, they “play these dances to bring the house down”. This is achieved partly to the instruments used: violin, accordion, folk percussion instruments (such as the baraban [drum]), wind instruments – both wood and brass, with singing to top it all off.

Summer weekend afternoons in Sinfonia Varsovia’s home at 272 Grochowska Street are not just dance parties. Each Saturday and Sunday at 4:00 p.m. to the end of August features chamber music concerts in the Summer Concerts at Grochowska Street cycle. Admission to these concerts is free.

Admission to all dance meetings is free.


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