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CZUŁOŚĆ PRZESTRZENI Exhibition [Tenderness of Space]

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CZUŁOŚĆ PRZESTRZENI Exhibition [Tenderness of Space]
31 May – 29 June 2017
Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, 272 Grochowska Street (Main building)

Free admission

Exhibition opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Volunteer guides from the Academy of Fine Arts available for the duration of the exhibition.

Czułość przestrzeni [Tenderness of Space]
an exhibition of painting, graphics and sculpture presenting the most interesting trends and manifestations in the graphic arts that make use of multi-media techniques.

The event’s leading theme is the multi-dimensional definition of the notion of space. Each of the eight artists participating in the exhibition will define space in a different way, typical to each individual’s creative style. Viewers will have an opportunity to become acquainted with representations of space in architecture, space set out in colour and rhythm, space as in “outer space”, space formed in a relationship of one human with another, space between human and animal and, finally, space created within one’s own spirituality. During lectures we will have an opportunity to find out about the relationship of music and multimedia, the significance of colour in visual arts and how much work is involved in creating a graphic print.