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Concert of Requests – THE POLL

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We are starting a new cycle of symphonic concerts soon – Sinfonia Varsovia at Grochowska Street. An audience poll will determine the programme of the opening concert on 25.

We will leave the programming of the Concert of Requests in the hands of our audience. This is an exceptional situation – for the first time ever, Sinfonia Varsovia will play music selected by the public. We have collected a number of works, divided into three categories. The first category is The Appetizer and includes overtures from famous operas by such composers as Mozart and Rossini. The second category is The Main Dish, comprising symphonies by, among others, Beethoven and Prokofiev and suites from ballets by Tchaikovsky. The Dessert consists of dances by Brahms and Moniuszko, as well as Kilar’s “Orawa”.

You can vote for each work in all three categories. There are several ways you can vote. We have prepared a poll on-line, available here and via the Going app. You can listen to each work on-line, so that you are sure you have chosen your favourite. You will also be able to vote by completing a traditional paper survey during Summer Concerts at Grochowska on 12 and 13 May.

Voting is open until the end of the day on 13 May. We will perform the works that have received the largest number of votes. We will announce the winners on 14 May!



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