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Adam Sztaba

Adam Sztaba

photo: Iza Grzybowska Roamer


Adam Sztaba

Adam Sztaba began his music education in the piano class of the Grażyna Bacewicz State Music School Complex in Koszalin.

He has been playing in various rock bands since he was twelve. After school, or whenever he wasn’t practising, he played soccer. Towards the end of high school, inspired by the musical “Metro” written by Janusz Józefowicz and Janusz Stokłosa, Sztaba wrote music to his first musical, titled “Fatamorgana?” [Mirage?]. The first performance of the work took place in Bałtycki Teatr Dramatyczny in Koszalin. In 1993 Adam met Janusz Stokłosa, who invited him to work together, and so Adam moved to Warsaw. Other people who recognised his talent and have worked with him include Maryla Rodowicz, Andrzej Sikorowski (of Pod Budą fame), Janusz Józefowicz, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Edyta Górniak, Violetta Villas, Kasia Kowalska, Grupa Mo-Carta, Przemysław Gintrowski, Grzegorz Turnau, Ewa Małas-Godlewska, José Cura, Mietek Szcześniak, Kayah, Halina Frąckowiak, Natalia Kukulska and Andrzej Piasek Piaseczny.

In 2002 Adam took part in “Idol” (the Polish edition of “Pop Idol”). This brought him recognition, but mostly the satisfaction of working with many talented people. In 2003 Sztaba wrote the wildly successful musical “Opentaniec”. First performances of “Opentaniec” took place in Teatr Wielki in Warsaw and in Teatr Muzyczny in Gdynia. His next project was the TV show “Moja Krew” [My Blood] and “Taniec z Gwiazdami” [Dancing with the Stars]. In the latter he was given the opportunity to share his bold arrangements with a sizeable audience. It was thanks to “Dancing with the Stars” that the Adam Sztaba Orchestra was formed, quickly becoming one of the most recognisable bands in Poland.


In 2005 and 2006 Adam was responsible for the musical arrangements of the Sopot Festival, where together with his Orchestra he worked together with, among others, Lemar, Gordon Haskell, Drupi, Helena Vondrackova, Karel Gott and Demis Roussos. Undoubtedly, Adam’s greatest artistic achievements include concerts with some of the greatest stars in the world: a concert recital with Michael Bolton and Sting’s concert with the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra during the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of Polish Radio.

Another major success was his appearance in the Opening Ceremony of the European Summer Games of the Special Olympics 2010 at the Legia Stadium in Warsaw, where Adam masterfully directed the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra.


In 2011, on the occasion of Poland taking over the Presidency of the European Union, Adam Sztaba had the opportunity to work together with such major stars as Dolores O’Riordan, Kenny G, Chris Botti and, once again, Michael Bolton.

From 2011 to 2016 Adam was a juror in Polsat Television’s show “Must be the Music, Tylko muzyka”, in which he searched for and evaluated performances by talented people from all over Poland.

In August 2012, during the Solidarity of Arts Festival, Adam Sztaba performed on one stage with his idol Quincy Jones.

In December 2014 he released his album titled “Muzyka własna” [My Own Music], containing music from “Opentaniec” and the soundtrack to the film “Od pełni do pełni” [From One Full Moon to the Next].

At the 2015 Solidarity of Arts Festival Adam directed the famous WDR Big Band in the Swing + concert.

In 2016 he composed the work “Leopoldinum”, commissioned by the Institute of Music and Dance. The work received its first performance in the Jordanki Cultural & Congress Centre in Toruń with the Toruń Symphony Orchestra in November 2016.

In 2016 he conducted the orchestra during World Youth Day in Cracow.

In 2017 he received another commission from the Institute of Music and Dance and the Szczecin Philharmonic. The work “Riffenuto” will soon be part of the “Orkiestrownik” [Orchestrator] app.