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A Musical Feast

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21 June is when the sounds of music resound all over the world. The Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra will not miss out on this musical occasion, celebrating a Musical Feast (World Music Day) in a street action performance.

Joining the celebration of this international feast together with the Praga Południe District Office and the Department of Culture of the Capital City of Warsaw, the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra will hold a street action performance. This will be a doubly unusual event – firstly, persons without musical training will be performing together with musicians of the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra and secondly, everything will be taking place in front of the Praga Południe District Office.

The happening will begin at 11:00 with a fanfare performed by the Sinfonia Varsovia trombone quartet. Next, the District Office employees and the musicians will set up a mini-orchestra and jointly, under the guidance of the “music director” will try to play a partly improvised work. The trombone quartet will play again at the end of the performance.

World Music Day is an annual event which takes place all over the world on 21 June. The idea for this musical feast was conceived in 1981 by Marcel Landowski – a French composer of Polish origin. The idea of this day is fill public space with music.

On World Music Day, the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra will once again fill its neighbourhood with music.

A Musical Feast
21 June 2016, 11:00 a.m.
274 Grochowska Street (at the Praga Południe District Office)

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