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8-9.04.2016 Musical City Games at Grochowska Street

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Musical City Games at Grochowska Street are an unusual gift from the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra for the residents of Warsaw. The games have been divided into three parts – for students, for the brave and for families. There are attractive prizes for winners.

On Friday, 8 April, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra invites students and teachers from junior-high schools in the Praga-Północ and Praga-Południe districts to take part in the first part of the game. The Sounds of Music is the catchword for participants who will solve problems and puzzles. This will be a voyage around the world of music and history. The participants’ job will be to collect missing parts of a musical score.

The next day Warsaw residents will have an opportunity to become involved in two subsequent parts of the event. On Saturday, 9 April at 11:00 everyone will be invited to join the game. Divided into teams of 3-5 persons, the participants of Play It Again! will take on the roles of members of musical ensembles and their task will be to find missing instruments.

That same day after dark, the last, night-time episode of the game is only for the brave: The Cabinet of Doctor Mozartiari will task participants with the lost scientific works of Doctor Mozartiari, whose experiments were intended to increase the aural experience in his subjects.

While playing in the open air and in some of the buildings at 272 Grochowska Street, participants will learn their history, find out about the activities of the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra and expand their knowledge about music. Everything will be in the form of a music-filled urban game, during which the participants will complete assigned tasks and solve puzzles. Playing the game will also be an excellent opportunity to visit the historical buildings, because soon the Orchestra’s home will be extended and the historical structures restored.

There will be attractive prizes for participants of the City Games at Grochowska Street gift vouchers, entrance vouchers to trampoline parks, cinema tickets and board games. Winners will also receive CDs of music played by Sinfonia Varsovia. Participation in the city games is free, but earlier registration is required.
The project has received financial support from the Capital City of Warsaw.