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16th Franciszek Wybrańczyk Festival SINFONIA VARSOVIA TO ITS CITY

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Soon, by holding the Sinfonia Varsovia to Its City Festival for the 16th time, the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra shall prove that classical music is not only about works heard in closed concert halls. This time it will play in the very heart of the city: in parks, on a square and in the courtyard of a museum. This will be a musical journey around Warsaw, beginning in the Wola district, moving on to Praga, returning to the centre, to conclude on the right bank of the Vistula river in the Orchestra’s home in the Kamionek district. All concerts will be played in the open air.

The Maksymiuk & Możdżer to Start concert will start the Festival off with a bang. On 12 June Sinfonia Varsovia will play in the Sowińskiego Amphitheatre, in the very heart of Sowińskiego Park in Warsaw’s Wola district. The Orchestra will be conducted by Maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk, with the additional attraction of the widely recognised pianist-composer Leszek Możdżer. The programme will feature works by George Gershwin, known for such compositions as Summertime and the Rhapsody in Blue and Leonard Bernstein, who composed music to the popular musical West Side Story. An appropriate introduction to the music will be made by Tomasz Kammel.

The next spot on the June concert map is the Museum of Warsaw’s Praga District, where the In 2, 3 and 5… strings concert will feature works by, among others, Mozart, Rossini and Penderecki, Sinfonia Varsovia’s artistic director. All this will also take place in open air – in the Museum’s courtyard. The music will be played by the Sinfonia Varsovia String Quintet: Anna Maria Staśkiewicz, Zofia Endzelm, Katarzyna Budnik-Gałązka, Marcel Markowski and Michał Sobuś.

The next stop is Brass, front and centre!, taking place in the barStudio on Defilad Square. Here, the Sinfonia Varsovia Brass ensemble will take its audience to where classical and popular music meet. The musicians will play a powerful version of Chuck Mangione’s Children of Sanchez, Quincy Jones’ Soul Bossa Nova, Bill Conti’s Gonna Fly Now (from the film Rocky) and many other well-known audience favourites.

The Sinfonia Varsovia to Its City tour will conclude at 272 Grochowska Street, in the Orchestra’s home. On Saturday, 18 June, the audience will have an opportunity to relax during an afternoon of Siesta Time with guitarist Krzysztof Meisinger, mezzo-soprano Agnieszka Rehlis and Sinfonia Varsovia playing Spanish music on an open-air stage. On Sunday, 19 June, the Gran finale on the Grass will feature arias and operetta numbers sung by Karina Skrzeszewska, Agnieszka Rehlis and Sinfonia Varsovia directed by Italian conductor Gaetano D’Espinosa. All this will occur on a relaxing Sunday in green surroundings.

The Sinfonia Varsovia to Its City Festival was initiated in 2001 by the Orchestra’s founder and long-running director Franciszek Wybrańczyk. This recurring event is available to a wide audience. It has become a permanent landmark in the city’s cultural landscape, becoming a favourite of the capital’s residents. The idea of the Festival is to show listeners the great works of the music repertoire played by the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra accompanied by great soloists and conductors.

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